Our host portfolio insurance has launched! - Pikl

Our host portfolio insurance has launched!

For property managers and sharing platforms

At Pikl, we preserve the things you love so you can focus on being a great host. If you are a property manager or sharing platform, your clients may see value in having an insurance package that covers them for their needs.

Do our clients have the right insurance cover?

Our recent report identified that 100% of UK insurers do not automatically provide comprehensive cover for property owners doing Airbnb or short lettings on similar sharing platforms as standard, meaning that property owners and guests could be at risk if they need to make a claim.

Why do you need to know this?

There is an insurance gap for property owners doing short term letting. So, being able to offer a comprehensive insurance package to your clients will help them protect their assets and could give you an advantage over competitors that do not offer this service.

Won’t the sharing platform cover them?

Many platforms such Booking.com don’t provide cover for listings on their platform. The covered provided by Airbnb is not comprehensive.

What solution do we offer?

We are excited to be discussing at ‘Host 2019’ our new, ‘Host Portfolio Products’.

If you manage or list multiple properties and require a simple solution that protects your clients with the minimum effort, we can provide you cover under a single policy that allows you to add properties when needed without the hassle of them needing to take out the extra cover themselves.

What are the Benefits for you and your hosts?

Our portfolio cover allows you as the platform or property manager/agent to take out an insurance policy to cover some or all of your listings or properties when they have bookings, protecting your property owners from property damage and liability when you share your property. This means you could include insurance as standard within your service offering to hosts as part of a trust and safety package (this could also include guest verification).

This enhanced safety feature can encourage new host sign-ups and also allow some property managers to maximise your commercial benefits by providing an enhanced service package offering to your clients.

How are we different from other insurers?

We are an award-winning specialist insurance provider for the sharing economy, recognised by the insurance industry for the innovative propositions we have created by winning Start-Up and Digital Broker of the Year 2019.  We provide comprehensive cover for short letting with the option of no minimum claim limits, and the choice of pay-on-use or annual policies.

Find out more

If you want to find out more, check out our portfolio insurance section. Please contact 0800 254 5268 to speak with one of our experts or email partners@pikl.com

*For full policy terms and exclusions please read our policy wording