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So, you have discovered Host Insurance from Pikl and you want to get protected, then you realise that we ask you to let your Home Insurer know you will have short term guests at your property.

So why do we do this?

Pikl have been working with the insurance industry to understand how they deal with people who are short term letting their property on websites like Airbnb, and 100% of the insurers we spoke to (who make up c90% of the UK market), say they require their customers to inform them if they are doing short term letting at the property.

So, even though you may have taken out additional insurance to protect yourself when you are doing Airbnb, you still need to ensure that your underlying Home Insurance remains valid and you meet the terms and conditions of that policy by disclosing your letting to your insurer.

From our survey we know that c39% of insurers unfortunately will not allow any Airbnb type activity at the property at all and will cancel or void your Home Insurance policy if you do this.  If you are with one of these insurance providers, then unfortunately you will need to switch your insurance to a more flexible provider.

We often get asked which insurers to try, who are happy to keep your policy active even if you are doing Airbnb.

The following is a list of providers who we know many of our customers have been successful with:

-       Aviva Direct (allows up to 30 days of letting in a year)

-       Direct Line (allows up to 30 days of letting in a year)

-       LV (Allows up to 90 days of letting a year)

-       Arthur J Gallagher

-       Intelligent Insurance

-       Home Protect

We then fill in the gaps in cover they leave when you have short term Guests.

We hope you find a successful quote and look out for our own range of Home Insurance products which are coming soon…. 

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