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What insurance do you need for holiday lets?

Make sure your Holiday Let is protected. Read our top insurance tips and the potential risks with Holiday Lets.

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Will HomeAway cover me if something goes wrong?

Find out what HomeAway cover you for if your property is damaged.

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The truth about landlord insurance and Airbnb.

Find out how your landlord insurance might be affected by Airbnb.

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The quick guide to landlord insurance.

What it is and why you might need it.

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Insurance for house swaps: Key things to consider.

How going on a house swap holiday could affect your home insurance.

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How Airbnb protects its hosts.

Is Airbnb's cover really enough if something goes wrong?

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How does renting out your parking space affect home insurance?

You may not be covered by your insurer.

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Why your home insurer might not cover your Airbnb

Many people aren’t aware that most insurers don’t provide adequate cover for Airbnb...

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