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Increase conversion | Improve retention | Protect your income

Increase conversion

Improve retention

Protect your income

Cancellation protection

For guests and owners

Protect income for you and your owners and allow guests to cancel without a financial penalty.

Damage deposits

For guests and owners

Replace your traditional damage deposit with a zero deposit solution which protects both guests and owners to improve bookings and income.

Damage protection insurance

For owners

Versatile solutions for properties from individual owners to entire portfolios, with the specialist cover required for holiday letting.

Guest verification

Coming soon

Our Prevent product integrates with your booking process to help flag high-risk guests.

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Cancellation protection

A cutting-edge solution which overcomes one of the industry’s biggest challenges.

Our Cancellation Liability product covers your liability to both guests and owners in the event of a cancellation.

The product can be deployed as an optional cancellation protection product during checkout or as a cancellation guarantee across all your bookings.

How it works:

The guest chooses the additional cost for cancellation protection during checkout, or you deploy it as a cancellation guarantee across all bookings.

The insurance product covers your liability to both your guests and property owners in respect of cancellations.

You generate additional revenue.

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Damage deposits

Perfect for guests, whilst generating extra income for you.

Purchasing our Deposit Liability product allows you to provide a product where the guest can exchange a non-refundable fee to remove the requirement to pay a damage deposit (commonly known in the market as a Deposit Waiver or an Accidental Damage Deposit Waiver).

The non-refundable Deposit Waiver can be offered as either a replacement for a traditional deposit, or as a further option during the checkout process.

Provides peace of mind for guests who no longer have to provide a significant sum as a refundable deposit, whilst protecting the owner against accidental damages to the same value.

How it works:

Guest is offered a non-refundable ‘Deposit Waiver’ as an alternative to a traditional damage deposit, for substantially less than the traditional damage deposit amount

If damage is caused, you pay the owner the amount and reclaim the cost from our Deposit Liability insurance product

You generate additional revenue.

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Damage Protection Insurance

An insurance comparison service white-labelled with your branding to generate referral commission, or a single policy rolled-out to your entire portfolio to enhance your service offering.

Many owners are unaware that traditional home insurance doesn’t provide the cover required for holiday letting, such as public liability or guest-related damages. Our white label and portfolio products help ensure your owners have the required insurance, by either covering your entire property portfolio or by allowing individual owners to search across a panel of insurers using a white-labelled solution.

How the white-label works:

We provide you with our Insurance Finder complete with your own branding

The service is then promoted via homeowner touchpoints of your choosing, such as your owner portal, email, website and the onboarding process

Your customers use the Insurance Finder to search the market for the best deal on holiday home, home and landlord insurance

Then, we fill in the gaps in cover with our Pikl underwritten product to make sure your customer get the full coverage they expect including cover most miss out such as malicious damage and theft.

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Guest Verification – coming soon

Our Prevent product is a verification solution that enables owners to reduce property disruption by improving the quality of guests.

From price optimisation to review monitoring and issue resolution, our Pikl Prevent guest verification system combines a breadth of external data sources to give your richer insight into potential guests.

By utilising Pikl Prevent, you’ll get a guest verification solution that:

  1. Informs property managers and owners through guest ID checks.
  2. Assesses risks associated with the booking.
  3. Recommends actions to minimise risk and maximise revenue.

The system seamlessly integrates with existing digital processes and booking platforms, which makes the initial setup simple & straightforward.


Prevent property damage

Increase booking availability

Minimise insurance claims

Reduce insurance premiums

Increase the value of data insights

Improve owner peace of mind.

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