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Airbnb Insurance

Hosting in your own home

Flexible cover for people who host short-term guests, like Airbnb-ers.
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Is your current coverage enough?

Home insurance isn’t for hosting

Most insurers don’t provide much cover for Airbnb. In some cases your policy could be invalidated altogether.

Airbnb isn’t comprehensive

Airbnb only offers limited cover, so if a stay goes wrong, you could be at risk.

You could be at risk

Every guest is different, and accidents do happen. But if you’re not properly insured, you could be left with a big bill.

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Specialist insurance for hosts and owners

Pikl is a new kind of insurance for hosts that’s designed specifically to protect you and your home from guest-related incidents.

Get peace of mind in one simple, flexible package.

Pikl Promise

However you're hosting, we've got you covered.

Pikl's host insurance Traditional home insurance* Airbnb's Host 'Guarantee' Airbnb's Host Protection Insurance
Cover for minor property damage Yes Maybe Yes No
Insurance contract Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liability cover (e.g. guest injuries) Yes Maybe Yes Yes
Legal cover (e.g. recovering lost host earnings) Yes Maybe No No
High level of guest related cover Yes Maybe No No

* Depending on your home insurance you may or may not be covered in these areas, contact us so we can asses your cover with you.

Get Peace of mind with Pikl

Without the right cover you could incur serious out of pocket expenses, especially if you were not able to repair your property in time for incoming guests. You could also incur significant legal liability and hassle if something went wrong. That’s why we’ve built our flexible insurance around hosts.

We can offer guest related buildings & contents cover for:

  • Malicious and accidental damage
  • Theft
  • Liability cover (e.g. guest injuries or third party damage)
  • Legal cover (e.g. evicting a guest after their agreed period of stay)
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Fire and escape of water damage
  • Loss of keys and replacement locks

Susan was left with the repair bill after guests trashed her property.

Susan's guests had a party, damaged her flat and stole several items. Airbnb refused to reimburse the full cost of repairs and her home insurer did not cover the cost of any guest related repairs. She had to spend a lot of time and money sorting it all out. If she had Pikl's Host Insurance, we would have stepped in to cover her, and Susan would have been back in business in no time.

Airbnb help & advice

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How Airbnb protects its hosts

Solely relying on Airbnb if something goes wrong however could put you at risk. We discuss what they offer, what they might not cover and how you can protect yourself.

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Frequently asked questions

The Sharing Platform I use has a Protection Policy or Guarantee. Does that cover me?

In most cases the protection policy or guarantee is not an insurance product and therefore does not give you the same rights, regulations, protections and benefits as an insurance policy. Each platform is different in how they operate, so you would need to check the terms and conditions carefully. Taking out your own insurance policy will always give you the highest amount of protection.

Why am I not covered by my Home Insurance for Hosting?

Standard home insurance policies do not allow commercial activities to take place at a residential property. So, if you let your property to short term guests, this may invalidate your home insurance.

Am I always covered if my insurance company says so?

In most cases if your insurer agrees to cover you it means they have agreed to add the guest onto your policy as a lodger or additional family member. However, do check what is actually covered. There could be key aspects of cover that are likely missing. For example, Pikl provides cover for malicious damage by a guest and theft by a guest without forced entry. Most standard home insurance policies do not provide this cover for persons added onto the policy or if there is no forced entry. In addition, it’s unlikely they would cover you for any personal injury claims should an accident occur with your guest nor cover the costs of pursuing legal action if a guest injured you. It’s important that you check with your insurer if you have these protections and if not then consider supplementing your insurance with one of Pikl’s products. Please see our blog ‘Will your home insurance cover short term guests?” for more details.